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We provide culturally sensitive services that are language accessible and embedded in supportive, local communities.

Many Australians of culturally different backgrounds such as Middle Eastern or African, do not fully access the care services available to them, for reasons of language, cultural norms or lack of information. Through regular contact with community groups, community leaders, allied medical and health practitioners as well as community services, Community Abundance engages with people in need to make their lives easier, given them the support they need and improve their quality of life.

We offer services as follows:
Community abundance educating in social norms and practices

Educating in Social Norms and Practices

When it comes to family violence, we focus on making a difference at the community level. Services include educating African communities in social considerations, such as an overview of Australian laws and the legal system, how community welfare systems operate and are enforced, and education in rights and responsibilities.

All our client groups are offered protection to restore family safety and dignity, with particular emphasis on the principles of non-discrimination, of doing no harm and ensuring people with special needs receive much needed attention.

Community-led approaches ensure that the intervention process is inclusive of those with special vulnerabilities, but also avoids exclusively targeting a single group to avoid discrimination, stigma and further distress. This includes advocacy for family violence prevention practices that protect  the dignity of the African communities we serve.
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Strengthening Community and Family Support

We promote activities that foster social cohesion among amongst the African Australian community in Victoria, including supporting the re-establishment or development of community-based structures that are representative of the population in terms of age, gender and diversity.

We hold regular workshops with relevant community NGOs, which protect and support their members through participatory approaches in the delivery of complementary services.
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Men's Behaviour Change Programs

Family Violence is a major social issue within culturally and linguistically diverse  communities, in particular African Australian communities with a lived experience of trauma as refugees. We provide emotional and practical support through individual, family and group interventions, targeted to those experiencing difficulty in coping, focusing on their personal strengths and their existing support network.

Initiatives such as Men’s Behaviour Change Programs, Parenting Skills Programs and Community Education Programs about Australian laws are all highly useful tools. We make these mainstream services available in a culturally meaningful way to African Australian communities with a refugee background. We offer essential services that foster social well-being, create social networks and that contribute towards making South Sudan Communities in particular a positive support for all people. Communities that are respectful, value human rights and freedom of speech, and that are innovative, safe and secure places to be.

The Live Strong, Live Happy Program

Our Government-funded Live Strong, Live Happy program is open to all participants from the South Sudanese community who are disabled, their carers and families,  who are seeking to deepen social connections and improve their self-advocacy, as well as understand the services available to them, develop skills and fully participate in Australian life.
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Case Management Services

Community Abundance offers case management services in women’s health, child protection and employment, seeking to empower community organisations and clinical mental health services to assist those with severe symptoms or an intolerable level of suffering that render them unable to carry out basic daily functions.

This type of service is usually beneficial to  those with pre-existing mental health disorders and problems such as family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, severe depression, disabling anxiety symptoms and those at risk of harm.

Family practitioner professionals lead all such interventions.
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