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Community Abundance partners with key thought leaders and academic institutions throughout Australia on issues affecting the African Australian community.

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African Australians with Disability and the NDIS
Final Report October 2020:
Exploring Support and Service Needs

This project brought together a research team of interdisciplinary academics as well as Mr Deng Kor, Program Director, Community Abundance Inc.

The project builds on a collection of earlier work conducted by the team, including Dr Spivakovsky’s earlier work on the service and support experiences of people with disability, Dr Onsando and Dr Johns work on the experiences and perspectives of African Australians involved in the Victorian criminal justice system, and Dr Vaughan’s work on the role of settlement and multicultural services in responding to violence against women.

Spivakovsky, C., Onsando, G., Johns, D., & Vaughan, C. (2020) African Australians with disability and the NDIS: Exploring support and service needs. Melbourne, VIC: Melbourne Disability Institute, University of Melbourne.

Download "African Australians with disability and the NDIS Final Report October 2020.pdf"