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The Community Abundance Homework Club

We are proud to be part of Victoria’s ground-breaking Homework Club program!

We deliver vital after-school programs including one-on-one support, goal setting and mentoring. Currently, we operate Homework Club for local students throughout the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne to ensure kids feel part of the school community. Program feedback shows students are more confident and positive about school, and parents more engaged in their education.

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Ongoing events are being delivered in 2023 as follows:

Live Strong, Live Happy

Community Abundance has received government funding to run a year-long program entitled “Live Strong Live Happy”.

This program will be delivered for the benefit of members of the African Australian community in Victoria who have a disability, their families and carers. Its aim will be to help people learn about themselves, access available supports, make good choices in their life and develop self-advocacy and leadership skills. After completion of the program, participants will also have fostered meaningful connections with community organisations, services and local businesses.

Call us on 03 8789 7486 to join our Live Strong, Live Happy program today!

Self-Advocacy Workshops

These workshops are open to all members of the African Australian community in Melbourne who have a disability, their carers and families.

This 4 hour workshop are held twice every quarter in 4 different locations (east, west, south and north) of Greater Melbourne.

The first 2 hours is targeted to adults with a disability, building their skills in self-advocacy. The last 2 hours of the workshop targets parents of children with a disability (aged between 0 and 7 years old) and builds self-confidence, self-advocacy skills and empower parents to access social services and community support.

Peer Support Activities

Peer support activities are held 4 times a week over 40 weeks in the east, west, south and north of Melbourne for the benefit of those with a disability within the African Australian community in Victoria. These activities are led by qualified community support workers appointed by Community Abundance. Participants, their carers and families will be encouraged to utilise the knowledge and skills gained in the Self-Advocacy Workshops to support each other, discuss issues of concern, participate in community life and volunteer with the wider community.
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